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Today, 60% of Modsy customers use our iOS app to scan their room. This cuts down the time it takes to show us your room from 15 minutes to 1 and eliminates the need for a tape measure!

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Each month we create more than 2 million shoppable 3D designs. We’re at more than 20 million and counting! Explore these ideas in our Design Ideas gallery.

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The Render is our interior design podcast all about the untold stories of the interior design world. This year, we cracked the Top 10 in Apple’s Design podcasts!

Traditional & Classic Styles Grow in Popularity

In years past, Traditional and Classic styles have consistently been the least popular styles among Modsy customers. However, in 2020 Traditional and Classic styles were two of the biggest movers—with Traditional rising 6% in popularity and Classic growing by 11%.

Why? In uncertain times people tend to look for more security in their spaces. And the familiarity of Traditional and Classic design elements is truly an antidote for uncertainty! This could also be reflective of the fact that so many people are moving away from urban spaces to more traditional suburban or rural homes.

People Are Using Their Homes to Show Off Their Personalities

While busy and daring styles weren’t as popular this year, Eclectic styles in general rose 13% in popularity. We’re finding that, with all this extra time at home, people want to inject some personality into their space. And Eclectic styles offer more opportunity to reflect the dweller's interests and personlaity.

We’ve also seen some of the stars embrace a more eclectic style—like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, whose home tours were published in Architectural Digest this year.

2020 Was the Year of Interior Design Changes

In 2020, 69% of people reported engaging in a home redesign project. COVID-19 was a big motivator in how people engaged with their homes—with 11% of people moving during this time, 22% of people realizing how disorganized their homes were, and 22% of people feeling dissatisfied with their home’s design style, furniture, or aesthetic. Basically, a lot of people welcomed change in their homes this year!

More Home Offices

No surpise here: COVID shut-downs resulted in a lot of home office designs. Starting in April 2020, home office design requests were steadily on the rise—growing 27% year-over-year. They now account for 10% of all room types. And office furniture sales were three times higher in April 2020 compared to April 2019.

The most popular design styles in offices? Modern and Minimal, with 27% of all offices designed to be clean and functional, with a safe Mid-Century Modern slant.

People Reported Good Lighting as the Most Important Component of Their Home Office

People reported that natural lighting and plenty of windows were a top priority in their home offices—and it makes sense. Not only is natural light good for our moods and mental health, but it’s also conducive to great video call lighting!

With no end in sight for many who are working from home, people transitioned from temporary to more permanent set-ups, investing in ergonomic chairs and storage while still valuing a good-looking space. And we’re thinking The Home Edit definitely influenced this desire for beautiful but organized spaces. We’re not the only ones who binged it, right?

Beyond all that, 10% of people are looking for their home offices to work double duty as guest rooms, home gyms, or hobby rooms.

The 10 States Most Motivated to Design Home Offices

Working from home has become the new normal this year. And it’s no surprise that 2020 was the year of home office overhauls. But, we were curious if this trend was more prevalent in some states than others. After diving into the data, these are the states where people were most motivated to redesign their home offices.

Nursery Designs Hit an All-Time High in June 2020

The percentage of Modsy customers designing a nursery in June 2020 was 40% higher than the 2020 average.

And sales in the baby/kids product category grew 60% from June 2019 to June 2020. Does that mean the COVID-19 baby boom is real?

Living Rooms Need Less Help Than in Past Years

While living rooms are still the #1 designed room, making up 31% of all rooms designed by Modsy, we’ve seen a 7% decrease in this room type from 2019 to 2020.

And it’s not surprising, given how the world shifted this year. While people are still designing their living rooms, the popularity of other rooms is growing like never before. Many people are prioritizing the functionality of other spaces, like home offices or combination rooms, over their main entertaining space.

2020 Room Types Ranked by Popularity

Living rooms and bedrooms were the most popular rooms that we designed for customers in 2020. But, like we mentioned earlier, home office designs grew in popularity this year.

From May to June, we saw an 8% increase in open-concept living room requests—making it the highest month for open living/dining rooms designs this year. With sheltering in place and homes having so many extra uses now, more people needed help maximizing the functionality of their open-concept floor plans.

Offices Replace Bedrooms as Second Most Popular Room to Design in 2021

As people look ahead at design plans for 2021, living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms top the list—with offices moving into the second most popular room for planned redesigns in 2021.

Overall, people are focusing on affordable upgrades, first and foremost, with most people planning on spending up to $1,500 on a room refresh.

Why Are People Motivated to Design?

Now is the time of year when people are usually prepping for guests, but 2021 will be all about functionality and family entertainment since our homes will continue to be multifunctional spaces where we’re spending the bulk of our time.

The most important factors in designing for 2021 are the need for functionality and family entertainment space, followed by the need for aesthetically pleasing spaces and those that support productivity.

High-Touch Service is Key

Our Luxe Package sales have grown 300% year-over-year. More and more, people are looking for a virtual way to mimic offline experiences. And our Luxe Packages are the closest thing to working with a traditional interior designer, with the opportunity for video calls and unlimited revisions with a top-tier designer.

Top Modsy Design Ideas

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