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Modsy’s Design Ideas gallery is the easiest way to get interior design inspiration for a living room, dining room, bedroom, office, or any room in the house! With designs of spaces in every style, color combination, and aesthetic, there is no shortage of beautiful imagery to spark your imagination.

Design Ideas by room

Are you designing or dreaming of making over a specific room in your home? Check out our stylists favorite Design Ideas by room! If you have a living room with a fireplace that you’re unsure how to style, a bedroom with awkwardly low ceilings that baffle you, or a dining room that needs to be both a dining room and office, we have beautiful designs with solutions and tips for you below. However, if you also just want to scroll through a beautiful stream of designs, check out our nurseries and kids’ rooms! We love this breakdown by room type, because not only is it inspiring, but it can be clarifying. Did you know there could be so many ways to style an entryway, or that you’d find a home office design that makes you gleam? We knew so, which is why we thought you might enjoy browsing our collection by room type, because who doesn’t want to make design just a little more simple?

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Design Ideas by style

We don’t take the easy road when it comes to curating room designs in different styles for you; we want them all represented! Do you find yourself drawn to the ocean blue hues of a Coastal design interior? We have you covered. Do the cool and modern vibes of a Mid-Century space make you light up? We love it too. Maybe you’re somewhere between Rustic and Eclectic, but you don’t know what that really looks like...well we can help! We know designing your home is a challenge, and that challenge usually begins by asking yourself what your style is. Whether you are a die-hard lover of all things glam or modern, or you have absolutely no clue, do not fret. Our Design Ideas gallery, broken down by style, was crafted to help you discover the styles you love. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, browse through a style you never considered, or just tap on the one you love. Either way, this was curated with you in mind, and will surely get your creative juices flowing!