Tri-Metal Magic

Tri-Metal Magic

Silver, gold, and bronze, used throughout the bedroom, are concentrated here in the accessories for the vignette. They work so well in this proximity because of their similar metallic sheens. They allow our David Adler face vase to pop with the contrast of the matte white ceramic placed before their lustrous gleam.

Furniture and decor in this room


Haley Floor Lamp Brass/White


Flare Dresser Brown

Global Views

Artichoke Bronze

Global Views

Pomegranate Bronze

Pottery Barn

Eagan Large Multipanel Wall Mirror, Bronze - 44" x 55"

Jonathan Adler

Giant Dora Maar Vase

Crate & Barrel

Element Metal Antiqued Brass Vase



Odette Silver Vase

Crate & Barrel

Hailey Wide Silver Decorative Bowl

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