What is my interior design style?

Have you ever wondered about your interior design style? Even with an arsenal of Pinterest images at your fingertips, it can still feel difficult to describe exactly what you like about a room, or even what style it is.

That’s why we’ve developed the Modsy Style Quiz, a fast, free, and fun series of images and questions. This interior design style quiz will help you uncover and pinpoint your design tastes and preferences-so you can get down to the fun part of creating a space that you love.

Most people gravitate toward a mix of design styles rather than just one single option. So, you might be drawn toward rustic minimalism, design at the crossroads between transitional and industrial, or love a mix of Hollywood glam and eclectic! With that, it’s even harder to nail down your individual style preferences.

Modsy | Design Styles

At Modsy, we believe it should be easy and accessible to design a home that you love. With our style quiz, we help take the guesswork out of designing your home by helping you hone in on a specific look that works for you and your space. You’ll never have to wonder, “Wait, what is my decorating style?” again! And once you have your results, our expert Modsy designers can use it to design any room in your home in your preferred style.

Modsy | Design Styles

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