What Is My Interior Design Style?

Need help identifying your personal design style? With all the inspiration out there, uncovering your style can be overwhelming. Enter: the Modsy interior design style quiz. Our fast, free style quiz will help you pinpoint your interior design style, all in a few minutes or less.

Our Approach:
One Style Doesn’t Fit All

At Modsy, we believe personal style is incredibly nuanced—so we took a very nuanced approach when developing our home style quiz. Rather than label you with a single design style, we introduce you to a unique, blended result that’s incredibly personal. You’re not just stuck with a style like “rustic” or “minimalist,” because most people prefer a look that’s a blend of several different interior design styles. Your quiz results will reflect your nuanced, personal preferences and give you the tools to bring your style to life in your real space.

Developed By Designers
and Engineers

The Modsy style quiz was developed by a team of interior designers, design historians (we’re talking PhD’s here!) and world-class engineers. The result is a decorating style quiz that blends art and technology, delivering amazingly accurate style results.

When you browse the images in our interior design quiz, telling us what you like and dislike, the algorithms we’ve developed identify patterns. So, your style results aren’t based on your dream vacation. Instead, the unique style result you get takes into account the nuances in your style preferences so you can create a look that’s all your own!

Turn Your Results into Your Reality

Once you discover your personal style, what happens next? Start a Modsy design project and see your results brought to life in your exact room.

All you have to do is send us a few photos and measurements of your room (or take a video with our iOS app), and we’ll create a 3D model of your space. Then, your personal designer will decorate it with real furniture and decor and deliver it back to you in our signature, 3D experience.

Ready to get started?

Popular Design Styles

Want to know what style results other people are getting? Get to know 3 of the most popular design styles among Modsy customers!

Mid-Century Minimalist

This is a welcoming and fresh look that combines cool retro forms with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. In these rooms, you’ll find sleek forms and modern styling, all with a less-is-more twist.

Cozy Rustic Farmhouse

Simple and welcoming, this style is all about livable comfort and family-friendly design. Rustic farmhouse rooms feature lots of natural materials and comfortable pieces, full of character and charm.

Boho Glam

Wild for drama and excitement, boho glam is a look that’s colorful, eclectic, and has a Hollywood Hills flair. It combines the best of two very different worlds—mixing boho’s eclectic styling with glam’s love of finer materials and rich colors.

Interior Design Style Quiz FAQs

A lot of people know what they like (and don’t like) when they see it—yet they struggle to describe exactly what it is that they like. Well, the Modsy interior design style quiz was created with this exact dilemma in mind. That’s why our quiz is image-based rather than a series of questions (we’ll never ask you what your dream vacation is or what your ideal pet would be).

All you have to do is look at a few images and tell us which you like and which you don’t. We’ve developed an algorithm that identifies the patterns in your preferences, which lets us identify your unique personal style. For example, maybe you like Mid-Century Modern sofas, but you also love industrial materials like raw wood, metal, and stone. Our algorithm identifies those preferences, adds up the results, and we deliver your unique style ID that gives you a name and style description for the different elements that make up your personal style.

Not long! The quiz will take anywhere from 2-6 minutes to complete, depending on how long you spend deliberating over the images. However, we recommend not overthinking it and going with your gut! It will give you better results—and save you some time on the quiz.

As many times as you’d like! However, with our algorithm, which helps pinpoint your personal style, we’re pretty sure you won’t need to take it more than once!

Definitely! We often have customers who are looking to design their space with a roommate or significant other. And that means combining design styles! With our style quiz, you can go through the images together and both identify your likes and dislikes. We’ll see how your styles compare and deliver you a unique result that blends them both together in a seamless and stylish way.

Popular interior design styles are always fluctuating—so there’s no one style that’s been the most popular forever. However, right now it’s fair to say that there are a few design styles dominating the trend landscape (and have been for quite some time). Namely: Mid-Century Modern, Rustic Farmhouse, and Eclectic Bohemian, which are some of the most popular styles out there at the moment.

There are truly an infinite number of design styles because there are so many ways to mix and match core styles to create a one-of-a-kind look. At Modsy, we like to think in terms of “pure styles,” which are the core styles at the heart of all interior design.

What are these pure styles? Mid-Century Modern, Minimal, Contemporary, Industrial, Hollywood Glam, Eclectic or Boho, Rustic, Classic Formal, and Traditional. You can learn more about what these styles are and their history on our blog post that breaks down popular interior design styles.