Elegance Meets Rustic

Elegance Meets Rustic

In this bedroom, rustic design is giving an elegant twist. The core pieces are still considered rustic, like the dresser and mirror, but the decor is where elegance is brought in. Since there is a marriage between styles so seamlessly, this bedroom can please both.

Furniture and decor in this room

Chelsea Art Studio

The Age of Innocence I, 24"X33", Gild Silver Wall Art


Watson Dresser, Weathered

Hyde Park

Zana Mirror Brushed Brushed Charcoal Oak

Jamie Young

Watercolor Table Lamp Plum


Seville Rug Navy 8' x 10'

Cascade Accents

Camargo Lg. Hourglass 2 Hours Gold


West Elm

Symmetry Object, Small Octahedron, Gold



Vito Bust Statue


Marcella Brass Antique Mirror Tray

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