Farmhouse Collection

Farmhouse Collection

When putting together a collection of farmhouse-inspired pieces, you need to think about matching their "age". Even though all of these pieces can be new for you today, they all have the feeling of being the same age of about 50 years old. This is accomplished by the details, materials, and patterns in each of the pieces.

Furniture and decor in this room

Ashby Home

Morrice Wall Mirror Bronze

Pottery Barn

Ludlow Trunk 4-Drawer Wide Dresser, White

Crate & Barrel

Taline Vase

Crate & Barrel

Adra Vase



copper teapot


Crate & Barrel

Plum Stem

Pottery Barn

Ludlow Trunk Nightstand, White

Farmhouse Woven

Mountain Log Basket Natural


Pompon Design Throw

Crate & Barrel

Mixed Material Wall Hanging

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Wheat Zendaya Bohemian/Global Wall Hangings Multi

Cyan Design

Marble Woods Tray Brown-Bronze-Rust


Ilana Matte Mug - Ochre

Precita Home

Umph Rectangular Pillow/ Mustard

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