Abstract Shapes And Tapered Legs

Abstract Shapes And Tapered Legs

The key to modern design is mixing abstract items with straight more structured pieces. These dining chairs bring in the best of both items. The curved back with no pointed corners mixed with the tapered legs is a beautiful blend of the abstract and sleek design elements.

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Natant Blue 7'11" x 10'

Jamie Young

Nymph Decorative Vases in Emerald Green Glass (setof3)


Colonial Mills

Monaco Basket-Small Beige

Ciro Modern

Moncher Dining Chair (Set of 2) Green


Anas Antiqued Bowls Set/3 Brass

C2C Home

Albany Two Door Three Drawer Buffet

Sage & Silk

Sensaveria Plant



Paradigm 80" Dining Table

Crate & Barrel

Everyday Wine Decanter


Crate & Barrel

Kasbah Teardrop Brass Wall Mirrors, Set of 2

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Kingdom by Randal Ford

Blue Peacock, 24x30

Crate & Barrel

Edge Red Wine Glass

Crate & Barrel

Hue Navy Blue Dinner Plate


Teal Beach Glass, 24" X 24", Rich Black Wood Frame, Teal, Standard Plexi & Materials, White Border

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