Balancing Visual Weight: Entry Vignette

Balancing Visual Weight: Entry Vignette

A small space can be really interesting when you add symmetrical values to the mix. Add your accessories in balanced visual weight to a console. A large lamp and succulent on one side equal the value of the two sculptural vases on the other side. Adding two woven poufs underneath the console and a large art piece pulls the vignette together.

Furniture and decor in this room

Chelsea Art Studio

Outdoors, 47"X47", Knife Gel Wall Art

Kerala Design

Farida Handspun Jute Area Rug 5x8 Neutral

Cyan Design

Large Groove Line Vase White-Cream

Cyan Design

Medium Groove Line Vase White-Cream

Bhawan Textiles

Hamilton CAMEL / BEIGE 5' X 6'-6

Ludlow Living

Emmerich Stool Brown


Elva Emerald Table Lamp Green

C2C Home

Hardy Console Table

Sage & Silk

Echeveria In Short Aged Copper Pot Rose

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