Rose Colored Modren Entryway

Rose Colored Modren Entryway

An entryway should be a functional space for depositing your belongings at the end of the day. It's equally vital that it welcome and your guest with a likable style. This entryway gives you the best of both worlds with a design that is equally functional and stunning. The long bench is perfect for removing shoes and resting your purse, and those rose-colored walls feel like a warm embrace at the end of a long day.

Furniture and decor in this room

Sage & Silk

36" Sisal Plant in Round Grey Resin Planter Grey

Kerala Design

Belmont Rectangular Pillow Ivory/Black


Atom 3 Pendant White


Arlo Bench Shadow Grey

Sage & Silk

6.5' Brazilian Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees In Tall Round White Planter


Rosewood Weavers

Dylan Ivory Rug 3'9" X 5'9"


Infinity Brass Round Wall Mirror 48"

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