Elegant & Eclectic Entryway

Elegant & Eclectic Entryway

Don't be afraid to combine styles. This entryway design streamlines between eclectic and elegant styles. The blue console with brass legs and glossy texture evokes a sense of high-end style. While the geometric rug and wall baskets speak to an eclectic feel. It is important to keep with a cohesive color scheme such neutral with a pop of color to create a cohesive look through a mix of different styles.

Furniture and decor in this room

Aidyn Decor

Mansfield Table Lamp, White

All Across Africa

Striped Raffia Plate I Black + Natural

All Across Africa

Wheel Small Bowl Peach

All Across Africa

Geo Large Bowl Opal Gray

Currey & Company

Kallista Cabinet Dark Sapphire/Caviar Black/Antique Brass


Alexi Black Jute Rug 5'x8'

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