Minimalist Office with Earth Tones

Minimalist Office with Earth Tones

This office by the window uses the Farris Desk, with its clear lines and chic style. It is paired with a versatile and compact cane stool; the beautiful finish of the mango wood frame complements the warm color palette of the room to give it a cohesive natural look. Earth toned walls and an inviting rug help give this space a warm look.

Furniture and decor in this room


Rumi Clay/Stone 9'-3" X 13'


Aidyn Decor

Mansfield Table Lamp, White

All Across Africa

Mstari Vase Peach


Farris Desk Brown

Cyan Design

Medium Portal Sculpture Brown-Bronze-Rust


Woven Cane Stool Black


Lawndale Saddle Leather Daybed with Brass Base, Bello Saddle

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