Chalk Up Home Learning

Chalk Up Home Learning

This fall set your little learner up for success with a dedicated work area that will help them with their studies and add some functionality to your space. In this design, a console table pulls double duty as a desk while the chalkboard can be used for both school studies and daily reminders.

Furniture and decor in this room



Rumi Berry 7'-9" x 9'-9"


Denim Twisted Rope Pouf Navy Blue


Vega Console Table Seared

Sage & Silk

6' Traveller Palm In Round Stripe Basket


SOMA Archive

Ingram Wall Art Teal


Pottery Barn

Framed Chalkboard, Large, White

Crate & Barrel

Maison Platinum Rim Cup

Crate & Barrel

Marin Blue Low Bowl

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