Dwight's Farmhouse Office

Dwight's Farmhouse Office

Schrute Farms is an 18th Century beet farm, so Dwight would nonetheless be decorating with farm-inspired decor...like rusty metal gears. He would also have nods to all things he loved..like the Dundies Awards, and his cousin Mose of course.

Furniture and decor in this room

Antique Curiosities

German Bridges Brucken III Vertical in Silver and Black Shadowbox Black Wall Art

Cyan Design

Horn Rimmed Bookends Black

Cascade Accents

Camargo Lg. Hourglass 2 Hours Red


Pottery Barn

Rustic Aluminum Gears, Set of 3


White Taper Candle

Crate & Barrel

Emmett Antique Brass Taper Candle Holder 14.5"

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