Shelves With Plants & Greenery

Shelves With Plants & Greenery

Even if you're not a plant parent, decorating with a bit of greenery on your shelves will help break up the color palette and also bring visual interest to your bookshelf. There’s no rule for the plants you bring in but we recommend low-light greenery and cacti, since those are low maintenance

Furniture and decor in this room


Aperture Mirror, Antique Brass, One Size

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma Newlywed Boxed Set


West Elm

Brass Arc Mid Century Sconce

Sage & Silk

Mini Succulent in Ceramic White

Sage & Silk

Pink Echeveria in Ceramic Planter White

Sage & Silk

White orchids in Ceramic Vase White

Modsy Choice


Celia Silk Magnolia Accent White

Sage & Silk

Agave Plant With Tilandsia And Wild Succulent On Drift Wood

Sage & Silk

Small Echeveria In Ceramic Cup

Sage & Silk

Echeveria In Short Aged Copper Pot Rose

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