Designs You Don’t Have To Imagine

See your exact room, expertly designed in 3D, with furniture from brands both well-known and unique, that you can buy on the spot.

How It Works

1 Show Us Your Space

Take a few photos and measurements of your space (clutter and all).

2 Tell Us About Your Project

Take our Style Quiz and tell us more about your project needs, existing furniture, and budget.

3 Get Custom Design Plans

Modsy Designers create 2 custom design plans of your room in 3D.

4 Let's Revise Your Designs

Work with our design team or our 3D Style Editor to fine tune your designs until they’re just right.

5 Shop With Confidence

Shop directly from your design plans in one easy checkout and earn exclusive discounts.

Real Design Stories

Angie’s Functional Yet Stylish Living Room
Style Profile: Mod Visionary
“Love the idea of virtual design with actual products, Modsy helped me think outside the box when it came to redesigning my room.”
Kevin’s Modern and Functional Living Room
Style Profile: Atomic Industrial
“Being able to visually see finished layouts in our space completely broke our designer’s block.”
Emilee’s Inviting Living and Dining Space
Style Profile: Mid-Century Chic
“Easy to use, super helpful, beautiful renderings, affordable! I hate to think of the costly mistakes I COULD have made that Modsy helped me avoid.”

We Source From 100+ Retailers to Find the Perfect Pieces for Your Style and Budget

Minna Home

Plus many more!

Plus Many More!


Saving you $1000s Compared to Traditional Interior Designers

We Work Within Your Budget

Our designers adjust to your needs, no matter if you want top quality, a great value, or the look for less.

No Markups

Unlike many other interior designers, we never mark up the prices of the furniture or decor we recommend.

Save $100s on Furniture

As a Modsy customer, you’ll have access to exclusive discounts, saving you $100s on top of retailers’ best prices.


Thanks to the discounts you get on furniture, Modsy basically pays for itself.

– Jae C, Modsy Customer

Money Back Guarantee: Land on a design you love or your money back

Land on a Design You Love or Your Money Back

Money Back Guarantee: Land on a design you love or your money back

Land on a Design You Love or Your Money Back

See your exact room expertly designed in 3D with furniture personalized to your style, budget, and layout needs.

You get:

Designs in a 3D model of your exact room, unlimited revisions with a Modsy designer, and the confidence that all your purchases will look and fit perfectly.

Money Back Guarantee: Land on a design you love or your money back

Land on a Design You Love or Your Money Back


Work 1:1 with your dedicated Modsy designer in our full-service package to get even more personalized room designs based on your budget, style, and needs.

You get:

Everything in the Classic package plus expedited design delivery and a single, dedicated designer to work with you from start to finish via phone or email.

Money Back Guarantee: Land on a design you love or your money back

Land on a Design You Love or Your Money Back


Save $100 and get our Premium experience across 3 rooms. Work with a dedicated Modsy Designer from start-to-finish on multiple rooms.

You get:

To work with the same designer on personalized and cohesive designs across multiple rooms.

Money Back Guarantee: Land on a design you love or your money back

Land on a Design You Love or Your Money Back


Don’t see an option that fits your needs? Customize your own Modsy design package for an experience perfectly tailored to you!

Choices Include:

  • Additional rooms
  • Expedited service
  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Extra design time
  • Extra initial designs

Interested? Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote for your custom project.

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Interior Designers

Price per room

$69 – $149


No in-home visits necessary


Photo-real 3D model


Designs in your exact room


Option to edit your designs yourself


Unlimited number of free revisions


Satisfaction guarantee


Furniture selection

From 100+ Retailers

Often Limited

No markups on furniture and decor


No pressure to buy


Discounts on furniture and decor


Unlimited Revisions

Explore the possibilities until you land on a design you love. Modsy Designers are here to help.

See Your Options

Modsy Designers create 2 custom design plans (with different layouts and furniture) that fit your style and budget.

Explore your options by revising your designs with our 3D Style Editor or working with our design team and letting them change layouts or furniture for you.

Don’t like the sofa? Try another!

Why People Are Raving About Modsy

The 3-D renderings I received were not only surprisingly realistic, but also fun to explore.

Consider Modsy the dressing room of furniture shopping.

My jaw truly dropped open…I love that Modsy has combined the best of both the digital and real worlds.

This 3D application is disrupting the multimillion dollar interior design market.

Seeing everything to scale proved invaluable…I ultimately found a design I loved and would not have imagined alone.


I’ve Been There

I had just moved and was struggling to imagine what the furniture I saw in catalogs and on websites would look like in my new living room.

I created Modsy so I didn’t have to imagine.

Modsy’s patent-pending technology let me see different layouts and furniture in 3D, without having to move a rug or buy a single thing first.


Founder and CEO

Our Designers Are Here to Help

Whether you want 1:1 design guidance or just need help finding a starting point, our Modsy Designers are here to help you navigate your home design journey with confidence.

You’ll Be Happy You’re Home

You’ll Be Happy You’re Home