Into the Blue I
Into the Blue I

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Into the Blue I

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22"H x 60"W


Inspired by the movement of paint and the blending of color, Sarah Stockstill painted this work section by section. Using painter's tape to cover dry sections as new ones were painted, she created sharp lines that unite each section into a striking composition that reads as an abstract seascape. We've preserved the depth of color and energy of the original acrylic painting in a giclée print with gel detailing for texture and dimension. Each print on canvas is framed in black. Sarah Stockstill grew up in rural Arizona, where she photographed the desert landscape before shifting to painting while working as an art assistant at a large studio. Currently based in Los Angeles, find inspiration in the ocean and surrounding cityscape. * Artist: Sarah Stockstill * Giclée print on canvas * Black frame * Hang vertically or horizontally with D-rings provided; do not hang with wire * Wipe with soft dry cloth