Sten Floor Lamp in Nero Marquina - Black
Sten Floor Lamp in Nero Marquina - Black

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Sten Floor Lamp in Nero Marquina - Black

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79.5"H x 11"W x 86.5"L


Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen focuses on form and tactility, Kasper Rønn on technology and innovation. Together they are Norm Architects, founded with the aim of adhering to Scandinavian design “norms” of simplicity, gracefulness, craftsmanship and timelessness. Those qualities converge seamlessly in the Sten Floor Lamp (2016), whose elegant poise is matched by exquisite detail. This lamp provides fully dimmable overhead lighting for living or dining areas without the need for hardwired ceiling installation. Sten is Swedish for “stone,” which here refers to the lamp’s marble counterweight, to which the designers paid enormous attention. Determining that the entire lamp must swivel for easy positioning of light, they gave the stone a rotating base and cylindrical shape for aesthetic and practical sensibilities. To evoke the analog satisfaction of a vintage-stereo dial, Sten is fitted with a single stainless steel knob placed on the stone’s top for easy control. Finally, with a soaring arm attached to the marble base and a deftly proportioned shade resting at the opposite end, Sten comes into balance with the aplomb Norm embraces. Bulb (included): 800-lumen 2700K soft white LED. UL Listed. Made in Italy. H 79.5" W 11" D 86.5"