Deep Space Baby Activity Gym
Deep Space Baby Activity Gym

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Deep Space Baby Activity Gym

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28.5"H x 36"W


Our Outer Space Baby Activity Gym gives "reaching for the stars" a whole new meaning. (No, really.) That's because it includes a set of five space-themed hanging rattles that'll keep your astronaut-in-training active and stimulated. Plus, a soft cotton mat with a dazzling planet pattern makes this the comfiest activity gym in the Milky Way. Designed just for us by Amy Van Luijk. Celebrate baby's special day with our guide to first birthday gift ideas. * Adult supervision required; never leave child unattended * Do not allow children to sleep on product * Strings can cause strangulation! Do not place items with a string around child's neck, such as hood strings or pacifier cords. Do not add or suspend strings over product or attach strings to toys. * Never place product on elevated surfaces such as counter tops or tables * Only use this product on the floor * An Amy Van Luijk design * Never use on a soft surface such as a bed or sofa as product may tip over and cause suffocation * Activity gym comes with five rattles * Mat, rattles, padded bar: 100% cotton * Plastic rattles, glass fiber rod bar, PVC pipe inner bar * Fill: 100% polyester * Mirror: 100% acrylic, exclusive of decoration * Machine washable * All ages * Made in India