Jellycat ® Pobble Wob Rhino
Jellycat ® Pobble Wob Rhino

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Jellycat ® Pobble Wob Rhino

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12"H x 4"W x 7"L


With a long white horn and sleepy blue eyes, our Jellycat Pobble Wob Rhino has as much personality as the little ones who carry it. Made from an elevated fabric that gives this stuffed animal a truly unique look, this friendly rhinoceros even has a weighted bottom so it can double as decor. * A Jellycat design * Made from elevated fabric that makes this a very sophisticated stuffed animal * Sleepy blue eyes give this stuffed animal unique personality * Weighted bottom allows it to sit on a shelf or double as decor * All ages * Polyester with plastic pellets and eyes * Hand wash only * Made in China