Jellycat ® Pobble Wob Dino
Jellycat ® Pobble Wob Dino

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Jellycat ® Pobble Wob Dino

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12"H x 5"W x 6"L


Contrary to popular belief, not all dinosaurs are extinct. Our Jellycat Pobble Wob Dino is still roaming the playroom. Made from an elevated fabric that gives this stuffed animal a truly unique look, this friendly T-Rex even has a weighted bottom so it can double as decor. * A Jellycat design * Made from elevated fabric that makes this a very sophisticated stuffed animal * Sleepy blue eyes give this stuffed animal unique personality * Weighted bottom allows it to sit on a shelf or double as decor * All ages * Polyester with plastic pellets and eyes * Hand wash only * Made in Cambodia