Cristo Black and White Striped Vase
Cristo Black and White Striped Vase


Cristo Black and White Striped Vase

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13.5"H x 6.25"W x 6.25"L


Handcrafted in a small Tuscan village where ceramics have been made since the 1400s, unique Italian artistry exudes old-world style for the modern home. Relying on traditional glaze and decoration practices, a network of artisans form each piece from raw clay and then use the "engobbio" technique to apply black glaze in organic stripes. After the vase is fired, specialists apply a penetrating light patina in brown tones to achieve an antiqued look. No two are exactly alike. CB2 exclusive. * Earthenware * Clean with a soft cloth * Handwash * Watertight * Made in Italy