Crescent Moon Wall Light
Crescent Moon Wall Light

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Crescent Moon Wall Light

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12"H x 9"W x 1.75"L

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Color: Brown

Material: Wood


With our moon wall light in your orbit, you'll always have a beautiful glow nearby. (And you don't even have to worry about any pesky clouds getting in the way.) Shaped like a crescent moon, this LED night light is also a dazzling decorative object. A soothing selection for the nursery, it's a charming choice for kids room lighting, too. It features iron construction that's made to last, plus an oak veneer with an attractive grain that will lend a natural touch to any space. * Moon shaped led, plug-in wall light * 50% iron, 45% oak veneer, 5% LED light * 60-inch white, fabric wrapped cord * Instructions and hardware included * Assembly required * Made in The Philippines