Swirly Painting
Swirly Painting


Swirly Painting

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60"H x 46"W x 1.5"L


Aptly named "Swirly," this neutral-colored piece by artist Lola sets a base of acrylic paint and gesso with a thick, continuous stroke over the top. "I was inspired by street art and the abstract expressionist movement," she says. "I wanted to make a simple but bold piece using fresh neutral colors." LOLA. Montreal-based artist who explores and specializes in various media. Her wild sense of color, shapes, patterns and lines is inspired by the free-spirited nature of the open road. Rather than subscribe to a single technique, she strives to be versatile to ensure her work remains vibrant and full of life. CB2 Limited Edition original works are offered one time only in small reserve. * Handpainted * Acrylic paint * Each will be unique * Imported