The Neck Print
The Neck Print

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The Neck Print

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40"H x 26"W x 2"L


By focusing on the sitter's neck and shoulders, photographer Diego Uchitel creates a portrait of graceful line and evocative shadow. The sinuous line that swirls in the upswept hair and flows from neck to shoulder divides the image in two, creating striking contrast between the solid upper portion and the interplay of shadow and highlight that shape the woman's arms and torso. The geometric pattern that edges the image occurs from the photo manipulation used to create the print. The technique lifts the image from a Polaroid print that is then transferred to paper, preserving remnants of emulsion that create the dotted border. Each photographic print is presented under clear acrylic with a white mat and black wood frame. * Artist: Diego Uchitel * Photographic print on archival paper * White mat * Wood frame with black finish * Clear acrylic * Hang with D-rings provided