Medium Lidded Lace Grass Box
Medium Lidded Lace Grass Box

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Medium Lidded Lace Grass Box

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11"H x 11"W x 11"L

Product details

Color: Green

Material: Elephant Grass, Organic Dyes

Care Instructions: To clean or re-shape your basket, simply wet it with cool water, shape it as needed, and allow it to air dry. The basket should be watered once a year to hydrate the straw and keep it supple.Avoid using chemicals or detergents. 

Country of Origin: Ghana


Intricately crafted with timeless tradition, this carefully dyed elephant grass makes a stunning statement piece. Style it on a shelf for additional storage or decorate your wall for a globally inspired feel. This large bowl is the perfect fruit bowl, bread basket, or wall decoration! Assembled Weight: 0.5 pounds