White Sleepsmart™ Temperature Regulating Down-Alternative Pillow, King RE
White Sleepsmart™ Temperature Regulating Down-Alternative Pillow, King RE

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White Sleepsmart™ Temperature Regulating Down-Alternative Pillow, King RE

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20"H x 36"W x 8"L

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Color: White


Our new and exclusive SleepSmart™ Bedding with Fresh Zone™ technology continuously adjusts to help maintain a climate of personal comfort at the ideal 37.5° Celsius all night long, so you can wake up rested and refreshed. The Sleepsmart™ 37.5® Technology Down-Alternative Pillow features Fresh Zone™ to give your bedding a boost of clean hygienic comfort. * Shell is woven of 80% cotton and 20% 37.5° performance polyester * Fill is made of 80% antimicrobial polyester and a 20% 37.5° performance fiber blend that works together to eliminate allergen- and bacteria-driven odors for the Fresh Zone™ (dual freshness) experience. * Blend of 550 fill power White Down and 37.5° fiber in the outer chamber of the fill provides enhanced thermoregulation. * Features a feather core for natural support, resiliency, and loft. * Contains 80% down certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). The RDS certifies the down and feather against animal welfare requirements and tracks it from the source to the final product. * Allergen barrier weave is breathable yet resists allergens from entering into your bedding. * 230 thread count. * As you sleep, temperature and humidity build-up and become trapped in your sleep environment or microclimate. This is where you start to feel overheated and uncomfortable and eventually disrupt your rest. * Sleepsmart™ 37.5™ technology uses naturally derived fibers that work continously to trap heat when cold or evaporate excess humidity when warm before sweat can form. * Body heat-activated performance. Comfort personalized to each sleeper's need for warmth, so you stay asleep longer. * 37.5° activated carbon particles absorb odor molecules to keep your bedding smelling fresh. * Sleepsmart™ high-performance properties last the life of the product. * Sleepsmart™' is designed to work as a total system; its performance increases with additional Sleepsmart™ bedding layers. * Imported.