I See It Painting
I See It Painting


I See It Painting

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72"H x 48"W x 1.5"L


"I See It" painting captures a breakthrough moment, as depicted by artist Kent Youngstrom in black and white textured acrylic on canvas. "Perhaps I was trying too hard, attempting to force the outcome, but as I slowly focus, the meaning melts into view." KENT YOUNGSTROM. Charlotte, N.C.-based artist who describes his style of art as a happy collision of street and fine art. He's inspired by current design magazines, kids' movies, subway stations, haberdashery, skateboard sneakers, dive bars and photography. Youngstrom says his mission is "to make the walls of your home, office or secret lair as colorfully composed as you are." * Reproduced based on artist's original technique * Acrylic paint * Each will be unique