Rylan Rug 9x12 Beige, Brown
Rylan Rug 9x12 Beige, Brown


Rylan Rug 9x12 Beige, Brown

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0.38"H x 144"W x 108"L

Product details

Color: Beige, Brown

Material: New Zealand Wool, Viscose

Care Instructions: Proper care and cleaning of your rug keeps its beauty for a long time. Rotating the rug at its place or rearranging it avoids the dampness and moths. It also alters the traffic, which is equally important to reduce the wear to a great extent. Vacuum your

Country of Origin: India


Our Emblem Collection is hand knotted by skilled artisans. They use classic patterns that are a great addition to any decor. The rugs are made of the finest New Zealand wool, viscose, or bamboo silk. The rugs exude a classic simplicity.