Kids Taylor Walnut 7-Drawer Dresser
Kids Taylor Walnut 7-Drawer Dresser

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Kids Taylor Walnut 7-Drawer Dresser

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33"H x 54.25"W x 19.25"L

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Color: Brown

Material: Walnut


Our exclusively designed Taylor 7-Drawer Walnut Dresser is unique in every sense of the word. Thanks to the stunning finish that highlights the wood's natural grain, each piece varies from the next. That means every dresser is truly one of a kind. And if that's not enough, the variety of quality materials like solid walnut and aspen ensures it'll last for years to come. * Includes Tip Restraint Kit for securing dresser to your wall to prevent tipping * Designed by Bill Eastburn of William Eastburn Design * Beautiful walnut grain makes this piece stand out on its own * Adjustable levelers for uneven floors * Solid walnut and aspen wood, walnut and hardwood veneer, low-emission engineered wood * **WARNING:** Kids shouldn't play on this piece. Install tip restraint kit to prevent serious or fatal injury. * Made in Vietnam