Nimbus Dimensional Print
Nimbus Dimensional Print

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Nimbus Dimensional Print

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42.75"H x 32.75"W x 1.13"L


In Norman Wyatt Jr.'s hands, the white of paper and the simple medium of ink become a thing of wonder. Using line, washed and hand-pieced paper layers, the artist creates a richly detailed abstract work that suggests a chiseled rock face or veined marble. Each print is presented under non-glare glass with a floating white mat and framed in grey-finished wood. Norman Wyatt Jr. turned to teaching after graduating with a B.A. in visual communication, art and design from Virginia State University. Now a full-time artist based in Prince George, Va., Wyatt produces watercolor and acrylic paintings for the commercial market and exhibits on the East Coast. * Artist: Norman Wyatt Jr. * Print on hand-pieced paper * Solid wood frame with grey finish * Hangs vertically or horizontally * Hang by D-rings provided; do not hang with wire