pearl the dragon
pearl the dragon


pearl the dragon

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2.75"H x 4.5"W x 3"L


on fire. Created by NeelimaRao of Adyha Design, this little dragon is a study in what the artist calls "Organic" or "Humanist"–– a style that walks the line between minimal and ornate. Pearl was originally folded in origami paper, reducing the complex detail of this mythical beast to simple lines and angles. "It's the a story of a 'true self' being revealed after the external artifice is dropped," explains the artist. Original origami was hardened into a mold that was used to cast the brass figure you see here. pearl the dragon is a CB2 exclusive. * Created by NeelimaRao of Adyha Design * Brass * Gift boxed * Wipe clean with a soft cloth * Made in India