Drifting Clouds Mobile - Maple
Drifting Clouds Mobile - Maple

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Drifting Clouds Mobile - Maple

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31"H x 39"W


In 1953, Christian Flensted created his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter, and Flensted Mobiles was born. Almost two decades later, following in his father’s footsteps, Ole Flensted designed his very first mobile, and he’s since developed many others that now hang all over the world. He draws his inspiration from a variety of elements, such as nature, technology and his own environment. Each and every Flensted mobile is carefully handcrafted by 60 specialists spread throughout Funen, Denmark. Drifting Clouds (2016) serves as a reminder of how it feels to lie in a field of grass on a warm summer day and watch the clouds drift by in the sky. Made in Denmark. This mobile includes a preattached string wrapped around a card to prevent it from tangling. To install, unwind the string to your desired length, then drive a screw through the card and into the ceiling.