Hans Wegner Easy Chair Black
Hans Wegner Easy Chair Black

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Hans Wegner Easy Chair Black

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28.75"H x 28"W x 28.75"L

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Color: Beige

Material: Wood


“A chair is to have no backside,” said Hans J. Wegner. “It should be beautiful from all sides and angles.” Sculptural and balanced, his Easy Chair (1950) embodies this maxim, a classic example of the “organic functionalism” for which he is famous. Its natural elegance is exemplified by the paper cord that creates the seat and back – more than 1300 feet of cord is used on each chair. Handwoven by a skilled craftsperson, it’s a process that takes eight to 10 hours. The solid oak frame has fluid lines and exacting joinery, which is expertly assembled and requires no hardware. Relaxed and intuitively ergonomic, the Easy Chair is just that – a seat that can easily blend with modern or traditional interiors, in nearly any room in the house. Made in Denmark.