Honeycomb White Hexagon Shelf
Honeycomb White Hexagon Shelf

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Honeycomb White Hexagon Shelf

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21"H x 21"W x 4"L

Product details

Color: White

Material: Wood


When designing these honeycomb wall shelves, we thought it was a great idea to make them a unique shape that can be oriented in any direction. We thought it was a bad idea to include a complimentary bee colony. Designing a shared bedroom for your little ones? Check out our guide for tips on how to create a room in which kids can comfortably coexist. * Features three connected hexagonal shelves * Shelf measurement: 4" deep x 11.5" wide x 10" high * Hang multiple shelves to form a giant honeycomb shelving unit * Can hold up to 50 lbs. * Hanging hardware and instructions included * Painted low emission engineered wood * Made in Taiwan