Horizon Tall White Bookcase
Horizon Tall White Bookcase

Crate & Barrel

Horizon Tall White Bookcase

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60"H x 31.5"W x 15.5"L


Look out over the landscape of your room. Do you see a bookcase with simple, clean lines, an easy-to-coordinate finish and storage space as far as the eye can see? If not, it's because you don't have our Horizon Bookcase. * Includes tip restraint kit for securing bookcase to the wall to prevent tipping * A Bill Eastburn design * Nylon glides to protect floors * One fixed and and two adjustable shelves * Solid-panel back * Interior measures 29"w x 14.25"d * Bin measures 6" deep * Assembly required * Low emission engineered wood * Select soft plastic toys can react with and cause damage to the finish of the bookcase when left in prolonged contact. Take care to occasionally check toys and the bin to prevent damage * **WARNING:** Kids shouldn't play on this piece. Install tip restraint kit to prevent serious or fatal injury. * Made in Vietnam