Jellycat ® Grey Joey Giraffe
Jellycat ® Grey Joey Giraffe

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Jellycat ® Grey Joey Giraffe

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17"H x 4"W x 7"L


Finding a better friend than this giraffe stuffed animal would be one tall order. Its soothing neutral colors and soft fur will make it a favorite for naps and bedtime. Plus, little ones will want to take it on every make-believe expedition, so we think it's no stretch to say this long-necked pal will be in it for the long haul. Find first birthday gift ideas for any budget * Gray plush giraffe with contrasting gray nose and belly * Made by Jellycat * Not recommended for children under 12 months due to fiber shedding * Spot clean only * Polyester with plastic pellets and eyes * Ages 1 and up * Made in Indonesia