Jellycat ® White Squiggle Puppy
Jellycat ® White Squiggle Puppy

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Jellycat ® White Squiggle Puppy

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9"H x 4"W x 3"L


Not only does this plush puppy love a good pet, it also appreciates snuggles and hugs. A real softie that's sized for small hands, it'll be the cuddliest canine in any kids room. Little ones will love to take dog naps with this floppy-eared friend, and you can bet it'll be the first in line for games of pretend fetch. [Find out what items make the best baby gifts for babies 0-12 months old](/ideas-and-advice/buying-baby-gifts) * Fluffy beige kitty with brown ears, nose, tail and spot on his belly * Small size is perfect for little hands * Made by Jellycat * Suitable for all ages * Spot clean only * Polyester with plastic pellets and eyes * Made in Indonesia