Reindeer Hide Rug 3'x5'
Reindeer Hide Rug 3'x5'


Reindeer Hide Rug 3'x5'

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36"W x 60"L


uncommon coat. Indigenous people of northern Finland raise herds of reindeer as a source of food and income. It's an age-old tradition that continues to this day. Hides are valuable for the warmth they provide and are still worn in the cold winter months. Sustainably and humanely sourced by farmers, some hides are taken to market. Hand-picked for symmetry and color, we bring you a few of these remarkable hides. Perfect as an accent rug or draped across the back of a sofa/chair. reindeer hide rug is a CB2 exclusive. * Finnish reindeer hide * Sustainably and humanely sourced * Each will be unique * Hides will vary in color and size * Not for high-traffic areas * Some shedding will occur and diminish over time * Vacuum regularly * Made in Finland