Introducing Renovation!

Meet Renovation—a new design package that brings your remodeling or new build project to life with our signature 3D design and shopping experience.

Introducing Renovation!

Meet Renovation—a new design package that brings your remodeling or new build project to life with our signature 3D design and shopping experience.

What’s New in Renovation?

  • Kitchens, Bathrooms, and New Builds
    Visualize more rooms and homes under construction.
  • Reconfigure Your Space
    You can now knock out walls, move the bathroom across the hall, or remodel your kitchen, all virtually!
  • Expert Renovation Guidance
    Get recommendations on new flooring, countertops, fixtures, appliances, home layout reconfigurations, and more!
  • Design Entire Floor Plans
    Get cohesive designs for neighboring rooms or up to an entire floor of your home.
  • Virtual Tours
    Experience your reimagined space with a virtual walkthrough tour.

Virtual Walkthrough Tours

Every design includes a virtual tour of your space so you can walk through like you’re actually there! Click below to see it for yourself.

Get an estimate for your project

How It Works

Kick Off Your Project

Send us photos and measurements (or a blueprint) of your space. Give your designer the scoop on your project including your timeline, budget, needs, and design vision.

Review Design Concepts

Your designer will create initial concepts for your project, which you’ll review together and refine until you land on a direction you love.

Explore Your 3D Designs

See your home transformed in stunning realistic 3D images! You’ll get interactive designs of your new space, completely remodeled and redecorated with real furniture and decor.

Revise, Finalize, and Shop

Work with your designer to fine-tune your design until you’re 100% happy. Shop your favorite furniture and decor directly from your designs and work with trusted local professionals to build and install your remodeled space.


What’s Included?

All spaces are expertly designed in 3D with furniture and decor you can buy on the spot.

Other Modsy Packages
See your exact room in 3D
Work with an expert designer
Unlimited design revisions
Discounts on furniture and decor  
Visualize not-yet-built spaces in 3D
Design kitchens and bathrooms
Expert design concepts for materials, finishes, and fixtures
Collaborate with your designer on architectural layouts
Virtual Walkthrough Tour
Fixtures, Finishes, and Equipment spec for your design
In-person measuring, validation, and installation  
Final engineering drawings or elevations  

Just need help with furniture and decor?

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Why Modsy?


Design Online

Our entire design process is online, so you can work with an expert on your schedule and from the comfort of your home.


Transparent Pricing

Instead of charging by the hour, our renovation service is a flat fee, so there are no surprises.


Your Unique Vision

Never choose from a limited menu of pre-set options for your space. Our service is truly custom and all about bringing your vision to life.

Get an estimate for your project


All of our packages are great for getting interior decorating help and include our signature 3D design and shopping experience Renovation is our newest design package that brings your remodeling or new build project to life, including architectural and remodeling help. Here are some of the key features offered only in our Renovation packages:

  • Design your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, “mud” room, or an entire new home.
  • Work with our new tier of expert renovation designers to design the floor plan for your space, the physical finishes and details, as well as the furniture and decor.
  • Visualize your remodeled space including new flooring, finishes, fixtures, cabinets, knocked-down walls, and so much more!
  • Walkthrough your renovated space in a 3D virtual walkthrough tour of your finished space.

Renovation design packages also include all the same great features you know and love from our Premium and Luxe design packages, like photorealistic designs in your exact room, unlimited revisions, and exclusive discounts on furniture and decor. Learn more about what’s included in our other design packages.

The average timeline for a Renovation project is 4 weeks beginning to end. This will vary depending on your project’s scale and complexity. You’ll work individually with your designer to determine a timeline that makes sense for you and your project. We encourage you to share your deadlines and goals with your designer in your kickoff video call after buying a Renovation package!

The Renovation design packages are currently an early-access offering, so please request access to get an estimate for your specific project. There’s no obligation after reaching out and we never sell your information to third parties!
Like all of our design packages, Renovation projects are priced as a flat fee .

After you request early access, you’ll be prompted to tell us a little more about your project. Our team will review your project details and send you an estimate in email. At that time, you’ll be able to purchase a Renovation design package.

Yes! The furniture and decor in your designs are available to shop directly through Modsy. Some of the fixtures will also be available to purchase, and we’re working hard to expand this selection to include additional appliances, fixtures, and materials (like tile and flooring) soon! As part of your project you’ll receive a list of all of the fixtures, finishes, and equipment in your designs to make it easier for you to source the items not currently purchasable through Modsy.

Our Renovation package lets you design anywhere from one room all the way up to an entire floor of your home as a single project with the same designer. After you request early access and tell us a little more about your project, our team will review your details and reach out with the appropriate package to suit your needs. You can purchase multiple Renovation packages to work with a designer on your entire multi-level home, parts of multiple homes, or additional buildings on your property, such as a mother-in-law cottage or accessory dwelling unit (DADU/ADU).

No. While we’re thrilled to help you create and visualize your design, Modsy does not oversee the installation of any construction or remodeling projects at this time. We’ll help you craft and visualize a design plan you love, which you can take to a trusted local professional of your choice to build and install. If you already have a contractor or architect, we’re happy to build upon what they’ve already done and coordinate with them as needed.

We do not partner with any contractors, architects, engineers, or builders at this time. This gives you the freedom to work with a trusted local professional of your choice to bring your design plans to life.

Yes! Your designer will help you make decisions on every last detail for your space including sourcing products or helping you choose between a few options you’re already considering. Although you won’t be able to purchase every fixture, finish, and appliance directly through Modsy, your designer will provide you with a complete list of the items used in your designs to make it easy for you to find and buy them yourself or through your contractor’s preferred vendors.

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